The 鲍德温 School 女校友 Community honors a deep tradition of lifelong learning, lasting friendships and global citizenship that connects 鲍德温 women across the country and throughout the world. 

今天, 4人以上,000 loyal alumnae are scholars, 医生, 律师, 科学家们, business leaders, 作家, 家庭主妇, 艺术家, entrepreneurs and more because they built a solid foundation at 鲍德温. The preparation they received, founded in the ideals of leadership, scholarship and citizenship, paved the way for all graduates to develop an inner confidence to achieve greatness in wherever their passions lie. For 鲍德温 women, the potential for success is limitless, no matter the endeavor.

Current students benefit from the real-world experience of alumnae who serve as mentors, providing internships, participating in panel discussions or connecting with students and faculty on Career Day. 女校友 also serve as a valuable presence in welcoming prospective families to 鲍德温 through participation in Open Houses and the 招生 process.

By providing a link to the past and a glimpse into the possibilities of the future, alumnae inspire our students, faculty and each other. Active engagement from our alumnae is imperative in the preservation of our long-standing traditions, while ensuring we also remain on the cutting edge of education through their expertise and insights into the latest developments in myriad practice areas.


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